Irish Beaches
| August 29, 2015

Happy weekend, guys! That day we drove around Dingle peninsula, which has some really nice yet rare used beaches to offer.

Where to stop by

INCH BEACH | This is the best known beach of Ireland, especially of Dingle peninsula. According to this, many coaches stopped next to the road, so we thought there must be something great to see. We parked our car, too, and this was the view we captured.

CASTLEGREGORY | If we hadn't been searching a place to have a little picnic, we wouldn't have come to this little village, far away from anything. But even when there is something "far away from the civilization" there are still white houses in the middle of nowhere - as it was in Castlegregory (they even have a supermarket).

We drove to a little beach next to the village; everything's so pristine. One doesn't need a parking place, just feel free to park your car on the sand!

A lot kids were running through the sea, having fun in the sun. Believe me when I tell you that I shivered while eating, though I wore a pullover and a jacket! The Irish have definitely another sense of summer weather.

DINGLE | A little picturesque village with colorful houses and dreamy gardens. We visited the St. Mary's Church, in which obviously a wedding has taken place right before. Right behind the church is the Parochial House (there was an art exhibition) and again behind that is a nice garden area anybody is allowed to stroll through.

Here I have some bright colored houses for you. ;)

I scream for...

... ice cream! Yes, not only pubs are to be found in Dingle. Ireland is probably known for its homemade and delicious ice cream. It's quite different from the Italian ice cream but very tasty no less. Go to Murphy's and treat yourself! 

Strand Street 
Co. Kerry

Before... and after hehe :D

Mt. Brandon area

When driving from Dingle to Tralee, you'll pass a view point in the middle of mountains. Then you're actually at the highest point you can reach by car. Of course there's a little bus selling homemade ice cream, too, but we just had some in Dingle... :D

Dingle impressions

Enjoy your free time! See you tomorrow!

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