Mediterranean Vibes
| August 28, 2015

Happy welcome, guys! What I'm going to show you today doesn't look very Ireland-like. This day has been the most wonderful and sunniest of our journey. The temperature was about 20°C and that's quite special for this country (usually about 13°C - 17°C).

Locations to visit

RING OF KERRY | I warmly recommend to drive the Ring of Kerry! It's the most popular coastal highway of Ireland and that's why:
I.   You have a perfect view of Dingle peninsula and some little islands.
II.  The south coast of Kerry peninsula has mediterranean vibes that will make you forget you're in Ireland!
III. The whole road is lined with multicolored bushes and flowers.

To make your drive a relaxed one, take the road counter-clockwise. I tell you why: the highway is not that wide and so they arranged that all tourist coaches have to drive around counter-clockwise. So it's easier to drive behind them instead of giving way every 5 minutes.

Another hint: Mostly, when there's a view point next to the road, you'll have an incredible panorama around you can't see from inside the car. Often there are Irish people who play traditional music (check out my latest Instagram video @MC_P for some music with a panoramic view) or selling hand made jewelry.

Do you know Thomas Kinkade? Many of his paintings have been printed on jigsaw puzzles. I always loved how lovely and idyllic they looked and now I've traveled to Scotland (last year) and Ireland, I see where his inspiration must have come from. One doesn't need to make an effort to reproduce a wonderful landscape when you have views like this. Now I fancy doing a Kinkade puzzle... :D

And when you think you already have seen the most beautiful places, there comes another even more incredible view...

While driving along the coast you'll pass the West Coast Café automatically. Below the café is a camping ground, for those who want to explore Ireland this way. The location there is really beautiful! The café offers you not only coffee or hot chocolate, they serve hot meals, too! Definitely tasty!

STAIGUE FORT | When you keep on driving, you'll see a sign leading you to Staigue Fort. Once this stone circle remained to protect the people from attackers. Today one has a beautiful view down the landscape to the sea. Even when you're miles from anywhere, there is a house selling home made ice cream and other deliciousnesses.

 Choose a painting, put 20 € in the cash box, take it with you and that's how it works!

KILLARNEY | Located between some mountains, a huge park area and the Lough Leane lake, Killarney is a favored holiday destination for tourists and natives. There is so much you can do from golfing, biking and hiking to strolling through the park, visiting the Muckross House, Muckross Abbey and the Ross Castle. The town offers you traditional pubs and shops. In any case a good starting point for undertaking day trips in various directions.

Where to stay

If you have a dining room with an incredible view of the lake framed by  wooded hills and bright green meadows, then you're at the Castlerosse Hotel & Golf Resort. Breakfast and dinner was of very good quality! Here you go!

Castlerosse Hotel & Holiday Homes
Co. Kerry

The green island

To finish this beautiful sunny day, here are some typical images of Ireland as we know the green island!

See you tomorrow!

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