Where the flowers grow
| August 27, 2015

Hey you travel enthusiasts! Our journey led us to the Co. Limerick where i.a. some unexpected things happened.

Locations to visit

ADARE | Now that I talked in my intro about something unexpected, it actually is the visit to Adare. We've been on our way to our next hotel when we passed through this little yet picturesque village. We had two travel guides with us but neither the one nor the other did even mention it. Immediately, we stopped at the parking place right behind the tourist center (most parking places are for free, so is this one) just because it looked so beautiful.

Lovely thatch-roofed houses aligned, surrounded by the greenest green of bushes and blooming flowers. Can it get any more romantic?

The Wild Geese Restaurant
Rose Cottage
Co. Limerick

Besides this dreamy place, I also have a lunch / dinner hint for you! The Wild Geese Restaurant is absolutely homely and it's winner of many awards i.a. by Tripadvisor. I recommend to make a reservation, it filled up quickly.

And if your wallet allows you to stay at a luxurious 5 star accommodation, I can give you some further information. Only the area around it is a huge and wonderful park but the hotel itself tops it off. Here's where to find it, just have a look on their website.

Adare Manor Hotel & Golf Resort
Co. Limerick

LIMERICK | I'm not quite sure in what way I can recommend visiting the town of Limerick. In any way it's historical stamped. The King John's Castle is probably worth a visit but I didn't see it from the inside. The St. Mary's Cathedral doesn't look as impressive and great as some other cathedrals but since I've read the paper we got at the information desk inside, there are so many remarkable things to see.

Also Limerick has some nice homes to show...

... and here comes the reason why I chose this title "Where the flowers grow". In no other town my eye caught as much hanging baskets and flower beds as in Limerick. When you look at the grey skyline the stony buildings create, it's obviously to bring some colors in the town. Maybe it's because it was a gray day matching to the gray town why I don't like Limerick that much but a quick walk trough the town center was okay.

Where to sin

No, I won't give you tips of churches and cathedrals with the most wonderful confessional boxes. It's all about sweets! Little treats for yourself after a tough sightseeing day. So here I give you the address where to find the cutest and yummiest pastries, scones, cakes or whatever you're craving for.

Home Baking by Marie
29 Wingfield Orchard
Newcastle West
Co. Limerick

Not only the name will tell you how good everything there tastes! ;) In general, Ireland has only few food chains to offer as McDonald's and Subway and you'll find these in big cities like Dublin and Cork but in little villages (and in big cities) so much is individual and home made. One lovely shop next to the other one. Sometimes you can't decide which one you would like to try more. And this home made practice gets a big thumbs up from me! I love individual and unique stores!

With this sweet dreams I say good bye and hopefully we'll meet each other tomorrow! It's up to you! ;)

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