London bound
| February 1, 2016

Hey ho, folks! Lately, I've got a big desire for traveling once again. So I thought I invite you to a little tour through the beautiful city of London. Relax and indulge ourselves in wanderlust.

The Houses of Parliament

Westminster Abbey

Of course a must when in London but it's really worth a visit (sadly no photography allowed). Very impressive to walk along those halls and aisles while overthinking who's already passed those tiles so many years before (or lately Kate and William haha).

Kensington Gardens

If you squint your eyes, you may spy the Kensington Palace in the first picture. Nonetheless, a beautiful park area.


Obviously, the most beautiful area of London is Kensington. Those typical white, clean and elegant houses never get old!

Hyde Park

I remember the Unit in my English book which was about a speech held at the Speakers' Corner. I used to think that this place is more special, I must admit.

Tower of London | Tower Bridge

Madame Tussauds

Not that amazing as I thought it would be but a great way to spend your time in a warm and dry surrounding whilst the rain outside. :D


Not located in the city itself, I know, but in about 30 minutes by train one can go to visit Eton / Windsor Castle. A must do for castle lovers like me haha.

The National Gallery


Especially a great spot when it's dark and a little bit mysterious. :D (Psst, the last picture is a hint at the world's best musical!)

London Eye

Also worth visiting...

The British Museum is for free, as many different museums, too.

 The Royal Albert Hall

St. Paul's Cathedral


Finally, some shots I did during strolling around the city. Oh London, you're so photogenic!

Where would you like to go next?

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