Hello 2018!
| January 1, 2018
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU! I hope you had a great start into year 2018! I am not that kind of person who makes New Year's resolutions ...
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| December 30, 2017
Me time or at least free time is something I rarely have, due to a lot of work I have to accomplish for my graduation. Nevertheless I lov...
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Last day of fall
| December 4, 2017
Looking outside my window and seeing the snowflakes dancing their way down onto trees, streets and Christmas lights, makes me want to upl...
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At the lake
| November 13, 2017
I am wearing Pullover Zara Blouse ...
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Postcards from Scotland [Part VII]
| October 30, 2017
Hello again! Here you see the last photos of my Scotland trip and this is located in the Perthshire area. We've already passed Aberde...
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