Black & White
| June 15, 2015

Hey hey! I'm back on track with tons of pictures from paradise but first let me show you these ones I shot some weeks ago.
I did this little shoot by myself (remote-control release included). Usually, I love bright colored pictures but one always should be open to new things, right? It's strange but the Unknown is almost every time the most fun and fulfilling thing you can do (in any way).

These pictures are some of my favorites from this year so far and the occasion that my blog is nearly perfect (some little things still need to be done) seems to be the right one to show it to you! Hope you like it as much as I do!

I am wearing
Top Mango
Trousers Zara
Rings Bijou Brigitte


  1. the pictures look very athmospheric... very passionate somehow :-) i like them, especially because of the floor ;-)

    xoxo Alice
    call me cozy

    1. Thank you Alice! Haha, it's not a floor, it's only gift wrap paper (my creativity is never-ending :D).

      Greetings, Marie