Lost in the monastery
| July 27, 2015

Since there have been so many posts filled with pictures of my last vacation, here is an article back in Germany. Jumped in the suit I got from my mom (the second treasure from her haha) and put my beloved Guess heels on. To add some color, I went for a coral blazer.

I really love this chic but easy look we shot for you in a former monastery. Kinda like this images with the ruins in the background (and the cherry blossoms!). Don't ask how I made it on top of the "window" haha (some pictures below).

Hope you guys like it! Sunny wishes!

I am wearing
Suit Collection Chalice
Bag Fiorelli
Heels Guess
Jewellery Bijou Brigitte
Blazer Mango
Photos by Ilka Neunzling

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