| September 28, 2015

Once my friend and beautiful photographer Ilka went to an old farm with me. This place offered us so  many perfect locations to shoot - a wine cellar, creaking steps up to a repository and a Borgward Isabella hidden by a green gate!

Of cause we tried everything possible and here's the result to you! I also have to say a big thanks to Stephan Presser for letting us use his flash! Otherwise we couldn't have shot - amongst others - in the dark cellar (would've been a shame)!

Extraordinary setting - extraordinary outfit (for me). I usually don't wear rock-ish / rebell-ish looks but I just love to try out new and challenging things. The combination of the studded skirt and the sporty flats gave a great style mix.

Hope you enjoy the images! Tell me what you think about it!

I am wearing
Top Asos
Coat Mango
Skirt H&M
Flats Superga
Jewellery Vila

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