Swayed reeds
| November 23, 2015

Hello everybody! This week I'm back with photos from a shoot I did with Ilka last year. I still love them so much, so I decided to show them to you as the last fall outfit post - Christmas season is almost there!

Now it's the time of the year when it's dark almost all day long, lovely Christmas markets get rebuilt and we light candles instead of bright lamps. The best about November is the anticipation about Christmas, right? So let's make our homes cozy, jump into cuddly sweaters and drink tea! :D

Share your pre-Christmas thoughts in the comment section below! See you next week! :)

I am wearing
Jeans blouse Vero Moda
Vest Vintage
Trousers Zara
Boots Evado
Jewellery I Am
Hat Mark Adam
Scarf (received it as a gift)
Bag H&M

Photos by Ilka Neunzling


  1. Your photos look amazing, good job!

    Happy weekend xx

    1. Dear Lara,

      thanks so much for your kind words! :)

      Best regards,