Baby, you're a firework!
| December 31, 2015

Time's running so fast from the Christmas festivities to the New Years Eve celebration! Nonetheless, I wanted to create something new and challenging to bring 2015 to a proper end.
Ilka and I met at darkness to realize our vision of this look and believe me, it wasn't that easy. It was cold, humid and the darkness was something very new for us to deal with. Though it was a struggle, we finally made it and I'm so glad with the result! What do you think about it?

This shoot taught me to always look for some new projects, new challenges one can grow with. Widen your horizon and be open-minded towards upcoming events.

Let's have a good start into year 2016 and appreciate everything we've already achieved. Above all - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I am wearing
Dress Jake*s
Coat Mango

Photos by Ilka Neunzling

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