| December 28, 2015

Welcome back after this blissful Christmas time! When we met friends and relatives those days, the question "What gifts have you prepared for your loved ones?" was of course part of the conversation.

I mean, when I was a kid I wrote wish lists and believed in receiving those presents from Santa Claus. That's probably what everyone did when we were little. Instead of giving material gifts, I do prefer immaterial ones since I'm getting older. Time, love and getting-together is more important than ever in our today's society and it's priceless.

This year I wanted to give some presents to me, just to reward me in a way for some hard work. Material presents of course are a great way to show someone that one's been in your thoughts but I'm still certain that the things we'll remain in our heart are memories, not pricy heels. Pay attention to give each other special moments, we can revive in our mind whenever we want. This will be the best present ever! #spreadthelove

Presents shown in the pictures
Top 1 2 3 Paris
Mascara Lancôme
Calendar Sere Rivérs (click here to get yours)

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