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| September 7, 2016

The title image shows the harbor of Portpatrick, which is a picturesque hillside village.

Culzean Castle

At the day of our visit there was an event going on around the castle: Teddy Bear's Picnic. Since this is a castle with a Country Park as well, the Trust organizes several attractions during the summer time. That day they called on the children to bring their teddy bears with them. I can't tell you how cute it looked like as the little guys had taller bears than their own height tucked under their arms!

The special event continued inside the castle as the kids were allowed to count how many bears they can find in the rooms. At the end - in the kitchen - every bear-lover was able to bake his/her own bear cookie. I mean, how cute is that? Would have loved this when I was a child.

Back to the topic: the castle has one of the most amazing stairways ever - you'll see how impressed I was of it haha. There's a big adventure playground for kids, too, so families are very welcomed there. 

In the following pictures you'll see images of the castle in- and outside, the Camellia House and the Walled Garden with its beautiful flowers.


I admit that Glasgow wasn't one of my favorites though it has got some nice spots as well. But generally it's a industrial city with lots decrepit old factories and all over gray. I myself prefer the colorful landscapes but see for yourself!



Let's head back to the nature - tomorrow! ;)

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