Home of Sir Walter Scott
| September 5, 2016

Happy Monday, guys! Since you liked the One-Week-Special I did last year about Ireland (see here) so much, I thought about a new one about my latest trip to Scotland! It was my second time there and I'm sure that it wasn't the last visit. As you might imagine by the pictures, Scotland is just dreamy with its castles, abbeys, lochs and bright colors. Don't get me wrong, I am a true summer, beach and sea lover but this piece of earth just caught my heart.

No wonder that many poets and writers are Scotsmen. This enchanted landscape really brings you imaginary visions of phantasmagorical tales. Just sit down, watch the setting of bright blues and greens and your stressed out soul will settle down.

After this intro, let's get the journey started!

Thirlestane Castle

To the south of Edinburgh you can get to the Thirlestane Castle. I don't know how many castles I've already seen but every single one has its own charm and peculiarity. When we came inside, the lady and her colleagues told us incidents all around the building and its inhabitants. Nowhere have I ever met such affectionate people as in Scotland. Big thumbs up for this friendliness!


A lovely town with a huge estate - Floors Castle. Sadly, we had been too late for the last entry when we wanted to visit it, though I recommend you to put it on your list when in Kelso, it looks so impressive on photographs! So we had a look at the town centre and Kelso Abbey.


I assume that many of you have heard about Melrose Abbey at some point, am I right?

Dryburgh Abbey

Hidden behind big trees there's Dryburgh Abbey next to St Boswells. The abbey is quite well-preserved and is the last resting place of Sir Walter Scott - a well known historical novelist, playwright and poet. I will give you further information about him at the next stations.

Abbotsford House

Next is one of my personal favorites of the holiday - Abbotsford House - the home of Sir Walter Scott which he had built according to his idea of an ideal estate. A long gateway leads to a majestic house including a huge area around: big meadows, lots of roses, a walled garden and forest walks down to the near flowing river Tweed (it is not surprising that he had accumulated a lot of debts while making his dream reality) .
A short while ago they renovated the visitor centre which is a modern building made of wood and glass - very nice! All in all a big recommendation from me!

Scott's View

We're not done yet with this man. Mr Scott and his family loved to have guests and this is the place where he took them to get an idea of the beauty of the countryside. You really need to know where you want to go, otherwise you'll hardly find it but once you've got to Dryburgh Abbey a sign will lead you up the hills to the nice spot.

Although it was raining, we enjoyed the view down the river Tweed and the Border area.

Where to stay

Here I give you a very good address, guys. Chris and Carol - the charming owners of the Allerton House B&B - really do treat you well. From the sweet rooms to the big breakfast menu (try the healthy starter!) and their kind words and tips.

Allerton House 
Oxnam Road 


TD8 6QQ 

Did I already catch your heart and you beg for more? No problem, just come over tomorrow again and we'll continue our road trip!
See you tomorrow, guys!

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