Japanese Cherry Blossom
| April 11, 2017

Hey guys! Spring has sprung and all the trees are in full bloom - it looks absolutely beautiful. Those who keep up on my daily uploads on Instagram (@spotlight.mcp) already know, how much I love these Japanese Cherry Blossoms! I'm not a huge fan of pink generally, but when it comes to those beautiful flowers I just can't pass without taking lots of pictures!

I really love this casual look because it has a great balance between elegant / formal and comfortable / sporty. Could wear this everyday, it's just perfect for spring weather.

This week is much influenced by a lot of projects that need to be continued, so make sure to follow me on several social media to stay tuned! :)

I am wearing

Blazer Zara
Trousers Zara
Rings Vintage & Bijou Brigitte
Body H&M
Sneakers Superga
Shoulder Bag Vintage (my mum once bought it in Italy)
Belt Vintage

Photos by my dad